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PrincessGem's News

Posted by PrincessGem - 5 days ago

Hey guys, well since I'd figured since Christmas and the Holidays are coming, I decided now is the time to use this time for my own Mental Health and have a Mental Health week for myself. :) Don't worry, I'm not going through any depression episodes or anything, but with the year ending, I want to make it a personal goal to end the year on a happy note for myself and others, and decide to focus the things I love and cherish the most. This includes things such as drawing and painting more, but also getting back into writing and start working on some of my original series for my OCs that I'd posted on here. ^^ It may take a while for me to post them, but they definitely will be coming. In addition, I will also be posting some belated Halloween art I had in mind and if possible, Christmas related art. ^^

What would also be a wonderful Holiday Wish to please check out my friend NickyVendetta's Black Friday Commissions and our friendGothicVampireFeline's Fundraiser. We only have 5 more days until the deadline and it would be a miracle if we reached it.

Thank you and Have a Happy Holidays. <3


Posted by PrincessGem - 8 days ago

Hey guys, today marks my 25th Birthday! While I may no longer enjoy them as much as I did when I was younger, I'm still grateful for this day. :3

I got a lot of presents from loved ones and a nice lunch from Chili's (A Queso Burger that is. Seriously, if you haven't tried it, I demand you check it out at your local Chili's or look up how to make it yourself. You won't regret it. <3), and even bought a Reese's Ice Cream Cake.

All in all, my birthday was just really fucking awesome and even though I'm almost close to my 30s (which means I'm practically 50-60 in internet years lol), having people that love and care for me is enough to have. I may have lost friends overtime, but I also gain new ones in the progress and even gotten closer to both old and new ones. :)

Oh, and if anyone is interested, my friends NickyVendetta and Gothickhaldia are doing Black Friday Sales and Commissions. They're really great artists and I recommend trying them out. <3




That's all for tonight. <3


Posted by PrincessGem - 9 days ago

Hello to anyone reading this~

First of all, I just wanna wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. <3 Remember to be thankful for all your loved ones such as family, friends, or even your pets if you have any. I also hope you all have wonderful, delicious food. :D

Secondly, I would like to say if I'd been disappearing again, it's because I'd been dealing with mental health once more. Nothing too bad; thank goodness, but I felt like I needed to be away from social media and the internet for a while, and focus on other material. Thankfully, focusing and getting back into hobbies besides art have been doing me justice. Hell, I started writing again too if that counts. :)

In fact, as of now, I'd just posted 4 fanfics related to Miraculous Ladybug, The Walking Dead, and Fairy Tail/Soul Eater. Despite most of them being in Development Hell, I'm really glad I was able to get them out there and hope that some people like them. In addition, they're mainly for fandoms I never expected to write for such as The Walking Dead and Soul Eater. ^^

If you wanna read them, check them out on my dA (Muggle-Gem-Princess), but also my AO3 (PrincessGem) and my Fanfiction (Gem the Princess)

See kids, hard work does pay off in the end. XD

Okay, in all seriousness, just once again another reminder that if I disappear again, it's just me taking care of myself first and nothing wrong with that. ^^; I'd even took a hiatus from my main Discord server to focus on others I'm part of and decided to not return into Christmas. Felt like it was the best choice for me. so the rest of the year will hopefully not be shitty for me.

Speaking of the holidays, definitely looking forward to them, especially my birthday tomorrow if that counts. I know I'd stated earlier that I wasn't looking forward to it, but I believe that thanks to my mental health improving and getting over the post-Halloween blues, I feel more open to it now. :)

Last, but most important, my dear friend GothicVampireFeline's cancer has gone worse. It hit Stage 2 and now we need the money for her chemo, post-surgery, and others. As always, if you can either donate or spread the word that would be wonderful. In fact, it would also be the best Christmas Miracle for all of us to have her safe and healthy. <3

Link to share/donate: https://app.cocopay.co/b25iJ2?ref=ab_1Bs9O0_ab_1y5lnIwmBEP1y5lnIwmBEP

Thank you all for reading and Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Holidays.


Posted by PrincessGem - 1 month ago

Hi y'all, I hope you all have a Happy Halloween! :D Whether you're in costume, getting candy, watching a scary movie or two, hope you have a fantastic Spooky Season tonight! ^_^

Tonight, I'm going as Draculaura from Monster High in her original/first form and my BF MajesticPrincePowers and I will be going to a party down town. I hope it isn't too bad, but considering how bad my anxiety/autism can be, I'm hoping for at least one good time. ^^;  

The only thing I'm bum about this year was being far behind and not being able to celebrate Spooky Season as much as I wanted to. Well, at least November is still a Fall Month, so I can catch up on some things. :) 

Unfortunately, the con side to that is my birthday in four weeks. 

If you known me for a while, my birthday is a day I don't look forward too anymore. Hate to sound like a naggy old Karen, but I do hate my birthday. 

I won't bitch too much about it, but I honestly don't like being reminded that I have one. I'll celebrate it with loved ones, but other than that, don't expect me to feel so "Happy Happy Joy Joy" about it. I will however, make it a nice day as possible. 

I hope you have a Happy Halloween and a great Spooky Season! 

P.S. Please remember to donate to my friend's GothicVampireFeline's fundraiser:


Check out my friend NickyVendetta on Toy.house:


And follow our friend, 2ndCityCrusader on Twitter for Commissions:




Posted by PrincessGem - 1 month ago

My good friend Gothickhaldia needs surgery for her cancer. Thank goodness that we reached $1,506 but our goal is to get at least to $2,000 so we can successfully reach $3,500.

Info right here by our other good friends NickyVendetta and Lilacphoenixx




Kris's info: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/10358114/

Fundraiser: https://app.cocopay.co/b25iJ2?ref=a.....gXj50yUKozJgXj

Please! We only have 16 days left!

Oh and I'm just gonna lay this out for the sake of my friend's health:


Look, I get it. You wanna be kind and thoughtful, and wanna show that you're religious; I get that. However, coming from a Catholic herself, but I'm sorry, prayer doesn't always help. e3e

It's a good mindset to have because it shows that you're a kind person, but as they always say, "Action speaks louder than words." You can pray, but also do the right thing and take action by either donating to the cause or sharing it with friends or family.

Hell, share it on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, your grandma's email. As long as you get the message across, things will increase.

I'm not trying to bash religious people, I'm trying to say "Hey look, cool that you wanna show your support by praying, but please put it aside for now and do more than just that."

Also, please support my friend NickyVendetta on ToyHouse. She's selling adoptables on there and her art is great! You'll love it!


Furthermore, our other close friend 2ndcitycrusader is doing commissions ATM! Please check him out as well!



That's all I'm gonna say.

Please and thank you. <3


Posted by PrincessGem - September 28th, 2022

A friend of mine on DA and FA is going through a hard time. Her cat accidentally got injured and she cannot pay the vet's bill for it.




If you could, please either share this journal and the links or donate or share this link right here:


Please, she needs it. <3


Posted by PrincessGem - September 22nd, 2022

Hello there, I’m sure a lot of people either do or don’t remember me, and if so, that’s okay because I do have a lot to say.

First of all, I am sorry for the lack of activity for 5-6 months? Holy crap, that’s like 12 years in internet years. ^^; XD I'd mentioned before that I was moving to a new state and as of April of this year, I’m officially a Texas resident. Honestly, I don’t like it. Not only do I dislike the South in general (No offense to any one of my watchers who live or are from there), but also because I’m not a fan of the place we’re currently living in. It’s too small and hot, filled with bugs and critters, and not much happens until you actually go out into town or the city. Honestly, if I were to choose, I would’ve moved to Louisiana since it’s not only prettier, but it also has everything I would’ve loved back in Vegas. Hell, I would’ve stayed in Vegas if I did had the choice, but you know, economy and all that bullshit. >.> Thankfully, I’m now on my own with my BF, so there’s that.

Secondly, throughout this year, I’d been nothing but either busy or just lacking motivation. While I was able to get some creativity out there, it honestly felt like nothing was happening in the end. :(I would’ve gotten myself out there, but as usual, life and adulting took me over, so I just had to wait until I found the right time to do so; and thankfully, now was that time.

I’m still probably gonna end up disappearing in the end, so that’s why I am grateful that, as the title says, I am now revamping myself. The reason why I chose to do this was because I think it was about time I not only gave my FA a fresh, new look, but also my social media life in general one too. That’s why as of now, all of my journals and other posts from the past have been deleted. It’s time I move on from petty drama, outdated news, and say goodbye to a few people I no longer consider friends. Mainly ones who were outright shitty, manipulative, two-faced cunts.

But I'm not gonna focus on that, I wanna welcome myself back. <3

Well, that’s all I have to say. I’m glad to be back, for now. Don’t be surprised if I do disappear once in a while. Time will tell what I may or may not do, so no need to waste it anymore. ^^