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Happy Thanksgiving+Other Updates

Posted by PrincessGem - 9 days ago

Hello to anyone reading this~

First of all, I just wanna wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. <3 Remember to be thankful for all your loved ones such as family, friends, or even your pets if you have any. I also hope you all have wonderful, delicious food. :D

Secondly, I would like to say if I'd been disappearing again, it's because I'd been dealing with mental health once more. Nothing too bad; thank goodness, but I felt like I needed to be away from social media and the internet for a while, and focus on other material. Thankfully, focusing and getting back into hobbies besides art have been doing me justice. Hell, I started writing again too if that counts. :)

In fact, as of now, I'd just posted 4 fanfics related to Miraculous Ladybug, The Walking Dead, and Fairy Tail/Soul Eater. Despite most of them being in Development Hell, I'm really glad I was able to get them out there and hope that some people like them. In addition, they're mainly for fandoms I never expected to write for such as The Walking Dead and Soul Eater. ^^

If you wanna read them, check them out on my dA (Muggle-Gem-Princess), but also my AO3 (PrincessGem) and my Fanfiction (Gem the Princess)

See kids, hard work does pay off in the end. XD

Okay, in all seriousness, just once again another reminder that if I disappear again, it's just me taking care of myself first and nothing wrong with that. ^^; I'd even took a hiatus from my main Discord server to focus on others I'm part of and decided to not return into Christmas. Felt like it was the best choice for me. so the rest of the year will hopefully not be shitty for me.

Speaking of the holidays, definitely looking forward to them, especially my birthday tomorrow if that counts. I know I'd stated earlier that I wasn't looking forward to it, but I believe that thanks to my mental health improving and getting over the post-Halloween blues, I feel more open to it now. :)

Last, but most important, my dear friend GothicVampireFeline's cancer has gone worse. It hit Stage 2 and now we need the money for her chemo, post-surgery, and others. As always, if you can either donate or spread the word that would be wonderful. In fact, it would also be the best Christmas Miracle for all of us to have her safe and healthy. <3

Link to share/donate: https://app.cocopay.co/b25iJ2?ref=ab_1Bs9O0_ab_1y5lnIwmBEP1y5lnIwmBEP

Thank you all for reading and Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Holidays.



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