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Happy Thanksgiving+Birthday to Me~

Posted by PrincessGem - 5 days ago

Hey, I know a lot of people won't read this since it's technically late and of course, inactive AF, , but I wanna wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, but if you don't celebrate it, Happy Thursday to you, but I still hope you feel thankful for all the wonderful people and things you appreciate the most. ;w; :heart:

My Thanksgiving went great if you're wondering. Had lots of yummy food and hopefully, good leftovers for the following days; but the best part about this Thanksgiving was that it was my birthday!

Yep, today marks officially 24 years I'd been on this planet and I'm still living and kicking it. XD

It was pretty good one TBH. ^^ Not as fun as my last two ones, but still appreciative and heartwarming to say the least. Got a bunch of wonderful Miraculous-related gifts from my BF PrinceKapitan and even some small ones from family. I'd even got to see Ghostbusters: Afterlife with Nick and it was amazing! Highly recommend. 👀

Final note, I wanna say even though I don't say much as I use to or only pop up once in a while, I still wanna say thank you for the wonderful memories, love, and support you all have given me. ;3; Even if I meant you currently, I still wanna welcome you with open arms and introduce you to my wonderful, yet crazy world filled with imagination featuring various crossovers, recasts, and just plain old characters that pop into my head once in a while. I may be one person, but I know I mean a lot to you all. :heart:

So from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving~


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