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Posted by PrincessGem - 1 month ago

Hey guys, so three days ago, my beloved Nick aka PrinceKapitan finally arrived in Las Vegas! ;3; 

I'm so happy! The love of my life is finally with me IRL and is living with me permanently! He's gonna be helping my family and I with bills and rent as I focus on my disability benefits and we'll also be taking turns learning how to drive my car hopefully. 

I also can't wait for him and I to draw, write, watch movies, and eat snacks together. :3 Speaking of which, we also got to do that a bit this weekend while my brother and his fiancée had their wedding yesterday, which was romantic BTW! I got to be a bridesmaid to her and it was fun seeing my relatives from both sides of my family! It was like Tarzan: "Two Worlds, one family." <3

Before that though, we got to go Barnes and Noble where he bought me fantastic new books and movies as well as the Starbucks inside (got the secret Butterbeer Frappuccino X3) and we even got to see Wonder Woman 1984 and I fucking loved it! Fuck what the critics say, it was amazing! Better than the first one. :D 

Nick babe, if you're reading this: 

I love you with all of my heart and I am grateful for everything you did for me and vice versa. I know I have my flaws and you do too, but all that doesn't matter because it's you that I want. No one else; and I couldn't be thankful enough to have you. :'<

I hope you one day get to join my family and I join yours in return, but for now, I'm happy where we are right now. 

Love you from the stars and back. <3

Also, now that I'm back online, I do promise to get some art and writing out as soon and possible, just might take even longer since Nick and I wanna settle at home first now that he's a permeant resident. ^^;  

I love all of you guys and hopefully 2021 will bring us all good luck. ;-;