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Busy Until Further Notice

Posted by PrincessGem - January 15th, 2021

Hahaha wow, my last journal was like what a week ago? (checks) Oh shit, it was. o3o XD

Anyways, I wanna make another update: I have been busy all week due to rearranging my room and preparing for my BF Nick to move in with my family and I once he’s down here in the next six days. Mom and Dad have especially been helping me reorganize my room such as rearranging furniture, getting rid of old junk I don’t need or use anymore, and donating stuff to the Goodwill. Personally, I’m not a big fan of change (it’s the autism in me. ^^;), but this is for the man I love and wanna be with forever, so I’m willing to change and rearrange my room just so he can feel welcomed and loved. <3

Afterwards, once he’s all settled and moved in, then it will be my brother’s wedding on the 23rd and then we all just hope for the best and expect the worst. ^^;

Not really much has happened this year so far, but to be fair, we are still in the beginning, so we still have a long way to go regardless. I still have more ideas for fanart/fanfics as well as original/OC stuff to do as well, even after being inspired by friends and artists I watch/follow on other platforms, Just takes a while to improve and remember to keep trying and growing. ^^ We all start off somewhere.

Remember to follow me on my other social media such as Instagram, NewGrounds, if you can’t remember, I’ll tell you the names.

AO3: PrincessGem

DA: Muggle-Gem-Princess

FA: PrincessGem

Fanfiction: Gem the Princess

Instagram: princess_of_mudbloods

Tumblr: muggle-born-princess; princessdebsart

Twitter: DebraisDisney

Wattpad: LovePrincessGem

PrincessGem is my main persona, so it’s easy to remember. :D

Keep in mind, some of them are inactive and will be for a while, but I promise to hopefully get back to them too. Just life is stressful, but I’m gonna make it through. :’D

Adios my loved ones. <3